The Natural Oil and Gas Suppliers Association of Nigeria (NOGASA) is a premiere organisation of legitimate, organised and proficient suppliers, stakeholders and practitioners in the nation’s oil and gas sector distribution service chain.

The Association offers a comprehensive, mutually benefiting interactive and informative network for bonafide suppliers, marketers, distributors and other related enterprises in the sector’s business environment.

Hitherto, there has not been a body with the above enumerated protective and supportive platform; and where such existed, it was either misplaced or misguided and consequently with little or no positive effect.

The emergence of NOGASA is purposed at providing necessary succour, concern, responsive support and a robust harmonisation of Oil and Gas Suppliers legitimate businesses and business interests. NOGASA is nationwide in its reach and affiliation and is quality service based.

Further relative information shall be communicated to members of the public on this platform in the upcoming days ahead.

Once more, you are welcome!!!